Facebook App Datenschutz

1. Sharing of Data

We will not share your data with any third parties under any circumstances.

2. Data Privacy

No personal data is being stored by this app.

3. Reading of Data

The app is built to be “read only” and so are not able to publish any data to, or edit any data on, social media platforms. The app is intended only to display some of your social media content and is not able to publish to any social media platforms or access your account other than in a “read only” fashion.

4. Collection and Storage of Data

We do not collect or store any of your login information, Access Tokens, or content. As the plugin for the apps are installed on the customers website then any information is stored within the customers website’s database. The social media login information is not stored in the customers database by the plugin. The app and plugin does not collect any data from the visitors to the customers website.